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We have classes for children 18 months to 5 years: Toddler, Preschool Prep, Preschool and K Prep

Creative Tots believes that by providing a stimulating environment which emphasizes growth in intellectual, social, emotional and physical development, children will flourish.

Our literature based curriculum provides age-appropriate, high-quality academics designed to exceed the State of Ohio Content Standards for Early Childhood Education, which assures accountability for educational objectives in the State of Ohio. The curriculum is rich in opportunities to solve problems, use language, develop new vocabulary and engage in organized intellectual activities.

We are committed to creating a warm, caring and supportive atmosphere. We welcome each child’s individuality, nurture their self-confidence and develop within them a life-long love of learning. We believe that open communication is an integral part of your experience as preschool parents. Our desire is that you know what your child is learning and understand how to support this learning at home. .

  • Toddler
    The Toddler Program
    18 mo - 3yrs 2-5 days a week
    M-F 9:00-11:30am
  • PreSchool Prep
    PreSchool Prep Program
    3yrs by 1/31 3-5 days a week
  • PreSchool
    PreSchool Program
    3yrs by 08/31 3-5 days a week
    M-F 12:00-2:30
  • K-Prep
    K-Prep Program
    4yrs by 08/31 4-5 days a week
    M-F 12:00-2:30pm
Our Approach

Our goal at Creative Tots is to engage and educate your child. Every activity is an opportunity for young children to develop knowledge, skill and a positive attitude about learning. We implement a unique preschool curriculum carefully designed to balance the traditional and the innovative, prompting the enthusiasm necessary for your child to excel in the many years of school ahead.

Language Arts

The emergence of language and literacy in children is a dynamic process. When children are immersed in an environment where oral and written communications are valued, they have the motivation, the modeling and the sense of purpose to master language. Wide exposure to print and to developing concepts about its forms and functions is critical at this age. Through our literature-based curriculum our teachers provide well-integrated, developmentally appropriate instruction for children to develop skills in print awareness, alphabet knowledge, phonologic recognition and foreign language.

Social & Emotional

Children need the devotion and appreciation of adults and peers in their lives. They also need to feel confident in their own abilities. Creative Tots is a warm, caring, and supportive atmosphere where we welcome each child’s individuality, nurture their self-confidence, promote good work habits and develop appropriate social skills. Learning is an inherently joyful process and that is what Creative Tots fosters.

Physical Development

Rather than treating our bodies as simply transport for our brains, we feel that intelligence is visual, auditory as well as kinesthetic. Preschool children often need to move in order to think. As a result, we incorporate music and movement into our everyday curriculum. Whether it is dramatic play, exploring our outdoor play area, yoga for kids or interacting with visiting performance art professionals, we certainly keep your child moving.


Young children need time to explore math using concrete materials they can manipulate. The ability to recognize logical patterns in the world around them develops a practical knowledge of potentially difficult numerical concepts. Our curriculum allows routine situations to become thoughtfully designed activities that encourage counting, measuring, patterning and problem-solving. A quality early mathematics curriculum establishes the confidence necessary for further development in logical reasoning.


Children are naturally curious about the world around them. It is important to utilize this need to explore and experience the natural world through hypothesis and prediction, observation, collecting data over time and formulating conclusions. Our preschool program provides authentic science experiences drawing on visits by experts in the community as well as following the actual life cycle of a butterfly and frog in the classroom. This unique experience to engage and manipulate our science materials fosters a sense of awareness that teaches children to enjoy and appreciate their surroundings.

Fine Arts

Creativity as a discipline is often overlooked. It is essential that as the humanities become the prominent focus of intellectual progress we do not educate our children out of their creative capacity. Kids will always take a chance and unless they are prepared to be wrong it is difficult realize anything original. It is for this reason that we coordinate our art enrichment around celebrated artists such as Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Cassatt. The children learn about their specific works and have the opportunity to explore the mediums of paint, portraits, photography and design.

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