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  • April Part One: Insects and Gardening

    April’s theme in Preschool Prep is based around gardening and insects. We have integrated this theme into our daily curriculum and are having so much fun!

    *Fine motor insect sorting

       The Very Hungry Caterpillar story retelling 

    Bug Fossils!

    Each day this month we have done a “Daily News” segment in the classroom 🙂 We first have someone introduce the news, and then we work together to figure out what month and day of the week it is. Next, we choose a student to be our “weather kid” for the day. This person gets to wear a special badge and report the weather based on what they see outside and how it feels! Lastly, we complete a feelings chart where the students pick a face that mimics how they are feeling that day (all of the children have picked the happy face so far)!

      Our weather girl reporting her findings! 

  • Let’s Plant seeds!!!


    Spring is finally here!!

    We have been discussing the change of seasons and what might start growing outside.  Together we planted seeds and played in the dirt with shovels and rakes.

    IMG_8808 IMG_8814

    Check out Creative Tots SUMMER CAMP!! “Green Kids: From seed to salad” will be exploring all types of plants and seeds and what we can do with them!