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  • Class Thanksgiving Feast!

    Leading up to our class Thanksgiving feast, we talked all about how the first Thanksgiving came about!

    We discussed that the Pilgrims came to America on the Mayflower and met the Indians who taught them how to hunt and farm in the Spring time. At the end of their harvest they had a feast to celebrate their hard work and new found friendship. We brought this all back to the student’s own lives and how it connected to their Thanksgiving today. As a class, we decided that the holiday was based around appreciation and being thankful for what we have 🙂 We made a list of what we were most thankful for on the board following this exercise.

    To help us better understand the  story of Thanksgiving, we retold it together as we created a symbolic necklace.  Each colored bead on the string symbolized a part of the story. The kids had fun making the necklaces and it helped them to remember the story in a unique way! We sent a key home to parents so they could talk about the Thanksgiving necklaces outside of the classroom.

    Just like the Pilgrims and Indians, we prepped our food for our feast!

    And then we got to enjoy it together!!

  • Hands on, Interactive Learning at Creative Tots

    We had a blast with our November farm theme in Preschool/Preschool Prep! Below the students are washing the “mud” (brown paint) off of the pigs to reveal a letter to identify!

    The Preschool class acted out the story “I Spy on the Farm”. It was a fun and interactive way to retell the story step by step.

    After reading “Chicka Chika Boom Boom”, we collected leaves outside that had letters on them and we created our own fall version of the alphabet tree!

    Practicing our cutting skills by giving the trolls a haircut!

    Matching letters to the correct beginning sounds

    Measuring with nonstandard objects

    Fine motor fun!

    Counting our way through Preschool!

  • Farm Fun!

    The farm theme has provided some fun center options and activities in the toddler room.

    The toddler sensory bin filled with corn kernels and farm animals.

    A horse barn has provided a fun place for imaginary play.

    We used our sense of hearing to listen to the farm animal sounds!

    We have practiced fine motor skills while lacing farm animals!

    Fun farm animal magnets were mixed with letters to provide discussion.

    Another sensory activity included washing big and little farm animals.

    We sorted farm animals by size (big and little) and by color.



    Then we acted out our book of the month, I Spy On the Farm,  with face puppets.


  • Halloween Celebration

    The Creative Tots Halloween Party was a blast!  A special snack, crafts, and games made our classroom celebration lots of fun!

    We practiced the fine motor skill of scooping to make a ghost to take home.

    We played a ghost game of throwing the ghost into a basket.

    Our bat hat craft was a big hit amongst the toddlers!  The children added eyes and fangs.  They had fun checking themselves out in the mirror.


    There were some fun costumes this year too!  Lions, and pandas, and donuts…oh my!


    Class pictures are always a fun challenge!

    Everyone received a fun yummy treat to take home.  Trick or treat!

  • Five Little Pumpkins

    Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate…  We have had so much fun with this little song.  We did an art project with pumpkin stickers, read several book versions, put 5 pumpkins on the magnet board, and acted the song out.  We also made yummy pumpkin muffins, decorated mini pumpkins with washi tape, and played hot pumpkin (a version of hot potato).  Our sensory bin for the month has been pumpkin seeds with scoops and tins to “make pumpkin pie”.  We also plan to use all of our senses to explore the outside and inside of a pumpkin!  Happy orange October!



  • Prewriting and Fine Motor

    We have been working on our prewriting and fine motor skills in the PM preschool and preschool prep classes! We are getting our hands ready to write!

  • Art Show Sneak Peek

    On March 9, 2018, we will host the annual Creative Tots Art Show.  This is a fun evening for children to show their families selected art pieces that they have worked on during the year.  The art projects involve fine motor skills and different art techniques.  The students have already started working on pieces for the art show but we don’t send them home.  We keep all these at school for the big reveal in March.  Here is a sneak peek at part of our first piece.

  • Sensory Fun: Playdoh

    Sensory play is extremely important for children to engage in!  It allows them to learn and explore in a way that allows them to be successful.  There are many things in life, especially at school where children can do things in a “right way” and a “wrong way.”  Sensory play can be whatever a child wants it to be, and they can just be creative and have fun!  Sensory play is also a great way to engage in learning and allows children to engage in multiple senses.  When this occurs, children are able to learn more!  Playdoh is a great resource and one that we use frequently in preschool.  We mold it into shapes, letters and numbers and while we do this we are feeling the material, seeing the material become something specific and learning while having fun.  We can squish it, roll it, squeeze it, and flatten it which helps us work our hand muscles.

  • Prechool Prep-April Part Two




    Acting out the butterfly life cycle!


  • April Part One: Insects and Gardening

    April’s theme in Preschool Prep is based around gardening and insects. We have integrated this theme into our daily curriculum and are having so much fun!

    *Fine motor insect sorting

       The Very Hungry Caterpillar story retelling 

    Bug Fossils!

    Each day this month we have done a “Daily News” segment in the classroom 🙂 We first have someone introduce the news, and then we work together to figure out what month and day of the week it is. Next, we choose a student to be our “weather kid” for the day. This person gets to wear a special badge and report the weather based on what they see outside and how it feels! Lastly, we complete a feelings chart where the students pick a face that mimics how they are feeling that day (all of the children have picked the happy face so far)!

      Our weather girl reporting her findings!