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Little Orange Prints

September 30, 2014 Toddlers No Comments
by Ms. Diana

The month of October our color is ORANGE! Today during art we painted with oranges instead of paint brushes. The boys and girls had a lot of fun making prints with the oranges in orange paint!

IMG_1468 IMG_1470 IMG_1473 IMG_1474 IMG_1476 IMG_1477 IMG_1480 IMG_1481 IMG_1484 IMG_1486 IMG_1487 IMG_1488 IMG_1491

We are all alike….We are all different

September 25, 2014 Toddlers No Comments
by Ms. Diana

During group time we are reading We are all alike…We are all different by the Cheltenham Elementary School Kindergartners. Today we talked about how we are all alike because we all have eyes but we are also different because are eyes are different colors. The children had a chance to come up to the board and put their name next to brown eyes, green eyes or blue eyes.

IMG_1152 IMG_1307 IMG_1163 IMG_1162 IMG_1159 IMG_1157 IMG_1156 IMG_1154 IMG_1309 IMG_1310 IMG_1312 IMG_1313 IMG_1316 IMG_1317 IMG_1318 IMG_1320 IMG_1322 IMG_1323


Perfect Fall Weather

September 23, 2014 Toddlers No Comments
by Ms. Diana

We have been loving this wonderful weather in the Toddler room! The boys and girls have a lot of fun playing on the new big and little climbers!

IMG_0996 IMG_0995 IMG_0993 IMG_0991 IMG_0990 IMG_0988 IMG_0987 IMG_0986 IMG_0983 IMG_0979 IMG_0975 IMG_0974 IMG_0973 IMG_0972

Up and Down

September 15, 2014 Toddlers No Comments
by Ms. Diana

IMG_0815 IMG_0816 IMG_0817 IMG_0819 IMG_0821 IMG_0824 IMG_0825 IMG_0826 IMG_0827 IMG_0830 IMG_0832 IMG_0835 This month during group time we are talking about Up and Down! We used the scarves to practice making them go up and down and up and down. Moving and dancing with the scarves is lots of fun!

The color YELLOW

September 4, 2014 Toddlers No Comments
by Ms. Diana

The color this month is yellow! Today we talked about the color yellow and created yellow prints with lemons. Help your child find yellow objects around your house today! IMG_0479 IMG_0473 IMG_0481 IMG_0482 IMG_0484 IMG_0487 IMG_0490 IMG_0494 IMG_0495 IMG_0496 IMG_0498

Registration Info.

February 13, 2014 Registration No Comments
by Lynn Carson

Thank you for your interest in Creative Tots. Below you will find our registration forms. Please contact us directly for availability as our programs remain full throughout the year. Thank You!


Creative Tots Student Programs 2014-2015

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Preschool Program

Toddler Program




October 22, 2013 Toddlers No Comments
by Ms. Diana

We have so much fun using paint dotters in the Toddler classroom. And this is a great activity to strengthen their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills.

Today we drew a few pumpkins on butcher paper.  Inside our pumpkins we drew small circles for the toddlers to dot on.


 For some great paint dotters project ideas check out http://www.brighthubeducation.com/preschool-crafts-activities/80373-dot-arts-and-crafts/.

On and Off Activity

October 9, 2013 Toddlers No Comments
by Ms. Diana

Our Language and Vocabulary for the month is working with the words on and off.  In this spider themed activity the children placed spiders on the spider web and took them off.