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  • Annual Lunch with Santa Event at KCC



  • The Beginning of the Holiday Season

    Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, we are getting into the holiday spirit!

    We started by making open ended creations using red and green gum drops and tooth picks!

    We went on a letter hunt in pretend snow! (Even though it happened to be 60 degrees outside at the end of November!)

    We painted with star shaped cookie cutters! Our December shape is the star, and color is red.

    The students were able to make homemade red, peppermint play-doh! We will use this in class activities throughout December.   

  • Class Thanksgiving Feast!

    Leading up to our class Thanksgiving feast, we talked all about how the first Thanksgiving came about!

    We discussed that the Pilgrims came to America on the Mayflower and met the Indians who taught them how to hunt and farm in the Spring time. At the end of their harvest they had a feast to celebrate their hard work and new found friendship. We brought this all back to the student’s own lives and how it connected to their Thanksgiving today. As a class, we decided that the holiday was based around appreciation and being thankful for what we have 🙂 We made a list of what we were most thankful for on the board following this exercise.

    To help us better understand the  story of Thanksgiving, we retold it together as we created a symbolic necklace.  Each colored bead on the string symbolized a part of the story. The kids had fun making the necklaces and it helped them to remember the story in a unique way! We sent a key home to parents so they could talk about the Thanksgiving necklaces outside of the classroom.

    Just like the Pilgrims and Indians, we prepped our food for our feast!

    And then we got to enjoy it together!!

  • Hands on, Interactive Learning at Creative Tots

    We had a blast with our November farm theme in Preschool/Preschool Prep! Below the students are washing the “mud” (brown paint) off of the pigs to reveal a letter to identify!

    The Preschool class acted out the story “I Spy on the Farm”. It was a fun and interactive way to retell the story step by step.

    After reading “Chicka Chika Boom Boom”, we collected leaves outside that had letters on them and we created our own fall version of the alphabet tree!

    Practicing our cutting skills by giving the trolls a haircut!

    Matching letters to the correct beginning sounds

    Measuring with nonstandard objects

    Fine motor fun!

    Counting our way through Preschool!

  • Some November Process Art

  • Learning About The First Thanksgiving

    We have begun our study of The First Thanksgiving in preschool this past week.  We have learned a little about how the pilgrim children were different from us, that the big boat they traveled on was not called Jimmy (haha), but actually the Mayflower and that the Indians taught them how to plant seeds and hunt for food.  We love this time of year in preschool!

  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

    We went on a bear hunt in the PM Preschool and Preschool Prep classes! We read the story, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and reenacted it by going on our own classroom bear hunt!

    Through the grass “swishy swashy, swishy swashy”

    Through the water “splish splosh, splish splosh”

    Through the mud “squelch squerch, squelch squerch”

    Through the forest “stumble trip, stumble trip”

    Through the snow storm “hooo wooo”

    Through the cave “tip toe, tip toe”

    We ended the day with a bear “hunt and color” sort!

  • Last Days of October

    We embraced our October theme whole heartedly this month! What’s better than giving academic time a Halloween twist?? Here’s a taste of what we did this month!

    Spider Counting!

    Building letters with pumpkin seeds

    Letter building with candy corn

    Halloween cutting center

    Feeding the Alphabet Zombie (he loves his letters!)

    Acting out the Five Little Pumpkins

    Spider swatting and number recognition!

    Fall Number Mats

    Wicked letter find and sort! 

    Silly Monster Craft!

  • Building Letters

  • Hands-on Fall Activities

    The Preschoolers and Preschool Preppers have been apart of many fun, hands-on explorations this month! We opened up a pumpkin, made our own homemade applesauce and had some animals visit the classroom!