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  • Some November Process Art

  • Learning About The First Thanksgiving

    We have begun our study of The First Thanksgiving in preschool this past week.  We have learned a little about how the pilgrim children were different from us, that the big boat they traveled on was not called Jimmy (haha), but actually the Mayflower and that the Indians taught them how to plant seeds and hunt for food.  We love this time of year in preschool!

  • Building Letters

  • Halloween Fine Motor

  • Sorting Activities

    We have been learning about sorting in preschool this month.  We are teaching children to find matches and things that are the same.  We also practice using language to describe what makes those things similar, ie color, shape, size, etc.  We have been sorting many different materials and working hard to find their common attributes.  Our favorite were definitely these Halloween creatures!

  • D is for Dinosaur!

    Last week we learned all about the letter D and got to have fun with a lot of dinosaur activities.  I am pretty sure if you are a child at the age of 3 or 4 you just love dinosaurs… no matter what!  Our students LOVED everything we did this week and had a ton of fun!  Part of our focus this year is to keep our curriculum very concrete and playful.  We did just that and had a blast learning about the letter D while doing so!

  • Scissor Skills

    Does your child use scissors at home?  We have been learning all about scissor safety and how to use and hold scissors in preschool.

    1st… Safety!

    • We never use scissors on anything except for paper or another material that is provided by a teacher.
    • When walking with scissors, we hold the metal part in our hands so that if we were to fall, we are safe.
    • we never point scissors at anyone

    Tips for Holding and Using Scissors

    • Out thumb goes in the little hole and our other fingers go in the bigger hole.
    • Our thumb stays up, we don’t want to flip our hands over when cutting.
    • We try and keep our elbow down and by our side, while focusing on turning the paper, now our arm!

    We are working hard on this skill and our goal is to have this skill mastered by mid-winter!!

  • Fine Motor in Preschool

    A phrase that is used frequently in preschool is Fine Motor.  This is an extremely important skill for 3 and 4 year olds to practice and practice and practice some more!  Fine Motor skills are those that work the small muscles in their hands.  They are used for things that we grownups take for granted each day, for example; using eating utensils, buttoning our shirt, sipping our coat, and writing our name.

    We do lots of activities each week that help our students build these skills so that we can prepare them for independent activities such as the ones listed above!

    This activity is a fun one as we work our small finger muscles to pick up tiny pom poms with small tongs and transfer them without using our other hand at all!  Our students loved it!

  • Building Letters

    We are working hard with our letters!  We are learning to recognize them, name them, give their sounds, and build them.

    Before we start learning to write letters it is important for children to really know what a letter looks like, and what kinds of lines it contains.  So for example, uppercase A is made of only straight lines but lowercase a is made of a curved line and a straight line.

    We work hard to learn to build them the correct way, to make the transition to writing them much easier.  Starting at the top and going down is always important!

  • Sensory Fun: Playdoh

    Sensory play is extremely important for children to engage in!  It allows them to learn and explore in a way that allows them to be successful.  There are many things in life, especially at school where children can do things in a “right way” and a “wrong way.”  Sensory play can be whatever a child wants it to be, and they can just be creative and have fun!  Sensory play is also a great way to engage in learning and allows children to engage in multiple senses.  When this occurs, children are able to learn more!  Playdoh is a great resource and one that we use frequently in preschool.  We mold it into shapes, letters and numbers and while we do this we are feeling the material, seeing the material become something specific and learning while having fun.  We can squish it, roll it, squeeze it, and flatten it which helps us work our hand muscles.