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  • Toddler Room Orientation Days!

    Welcome to the Toddler Room! We are so excited to be starting another school year with our new toddler friends, and some familiar faces as well! We are already learning so much about each of your children, and we cannot wait to see them thrive in our classroom this year.

    At orientation week, we wanted our friends to get to know their new classroom, and the environment in which they’ll be spending their days. They got to explore some of our centers and all of the different toys and activities we have for them to play with around the room!











    Recess time is always full of smiles and giggles! Our friends had fun with their own bubbles, the sandbox, toys, and our big slides!

    We also had some mama and baby animals to wash, some play-dough for them to explore, and they were able to do some free art using stickers and chalk!

    We gave them a sneak peak at what our group times will look like, reading a book called, “Little Bea” by Daniel Roode, and doing a finger play activity with bees.
    Our song we sang went like this:
    “Here is the beehive. Where are the bees?
    Hidden away where nobody sees!
    Watch and you’ll see them come out of the hive…
    One, two, three, four, five!”

    It was such a great first week, and we look forward to getting into our routine as the weeks go on! Thank you for sharing your sweet kiddos with us! 🙂

  • Toddler Room Activities!

    We had such a fun couple of months, with Spring activities such as, gardening, and learning about bugs and insects that live in the garden! Below you can see some of the April and May activities we did.

    Matching colors:
    Finding the bunny tail to match the color of the bunny!

    Matching the jelly bean to the color on the oval!

    Counting Flowers:
    For this game, our friends rolled a die, and the number they got, that’s how many flowers they “planted” in their pots!

    Name building: Writing their names with flowers!

    Purple Party!:
    Learning about the color purple, we found a bunch of purple items around our classroom, and then had a PURPLE snack–grape jelly fold-overs!

    They got to spread the jelly on their bread 🙂

    This school year has FLOWN by, and we have had so much fun watching our toddlers grow, learn, and play. Thank you for sharing the joy of your children with us! Happy Summer!!!

  • St. Patrick’s Day!

    Did you hear?! We had a LEPRECHAUN in the toddler classroom! That sneaky leprechaun made such a mess of our classroom! We talked all about trying to catch a leprechaun to take his gold, and how hard it is to catch one! Below you can see what kind of mischief that leprechaun got into.

    For this St. Patrick’s Day activity, our friends rolled a die and whichever number they rolled, that’s how many gold coins they counted into their pots.

    Shamrock crafts! One of our crafts was turning our white shamrock green, using glue and tissue paper. Our other craft was, putting glue onto their shamrock, and then they sprinkled glitter on top of the glue, to make a leprechaun wand!

    Our last activity for our St. Patrick’s Day celebration was going on a gold hunt! Once they found THREE gold coins, they got to turn them in for a “gold bar” (a twix!)

  • Things That GO!

    During the month of February, we talked about transportation and things that take us all over the world! We learned about trains, cars, bicycles, hot air balloons, and airplanes. We even took an imaginary airplane to the beach!

    Ms. Kristen was the pilot of our plane, while Ms. Melanie and Ms. Kelsey were the flight attendants. They even got a snack and drink on the flight 😉

    We also learned all about what the red, yellow, and green lights stand for! We practiced learning these colors and their meanings by tossing matching bean bags with the color on the “stop light”

    Our alphabet page for our transportation theme was “R” is for “road”! The toddlers practiced their fine motor skills by peeling off stickers, and sticking them onto the “road” made out of the letter R!

    We also had a fun sensory activity with our cars, having a pretend car wash in our sensory bins.

    And because you can never do too many color sorting activities, we used miniature modes of transportation to sort onto our color mats!

  • Toddler Valentine’s Day Party!

    WOW! It was such a great month of love 🙂 We enjoyed having all of our families come to the toddler classroom to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their little ones at school! Below are some of the lovely moments captured during our Valentine’s Day party!


    We made our “little lovebug” hats–and sang little lovebug with Ms. Joanie!

    Our Valentine’s Day Party

    Our Valentine’s Day Photo Booth <3

  • Secret Pizza Party

    We read the story Secret Pizza Party by Adam Rubin, and had our very own secret pizza party in the toddler room! We used slices of bread, cut into a heart shape, for each of our friends to make their own personal pizzas!

    After we finished making our pizzas, we popped them in the oven, and made our “‘P’ is for ‘pizza'” letter page!

    Our pizzas were smelling great, so it was time to give them a try!

    It was such a fun pizza party in the toddler classroom 🙂

  • Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

    We had such a great time learning about polar bears in the toddler classroom! We talked about the habitat that they live in, what kind of food they like to eat, and what a polar bear does in the arctic!

    In one of our small groups, we had an obstacle course, where our friends pretended to be polar bears, living in the arctic! It’s always great when we can incorporate some indoor gross motor skills–especially since it has been too cold to go outside!

    In another small group, we built snowflakes using pipe cleaners and beads. This is excellent fine motor practice, putting the bead onto the pipe cleaner. Open-ended art projects are always a fun way to see each child create their own unique pieces, too!

    In our third small group, we made a rectangle polar bear! This is one of our guided art projects, in which they follow directions on where to put each separate piece.

  • Winter White!

    Although the weather here hasn’t been very “winter-like”, we are still learning about all of the things we do during the winter. We have talked about bundling up to go out in the snow, building a snowman, going sledding, having snowball fights, and having yummy hot chocolate to warm us up from the winter chill.

    We practiced matching patterns and colors using different kinds of mittens to match!

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  • If You Give a Moose a Muffin

    Happy 2017 from the toddler room! The transition back from holiday break has been so smooth, and we are so excited to have all of our friends back with us!


    We have started off the month of January with focus on the letter “M” this week. We read the book, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, and made our very own chocolate chip muffins!

    We practiced taking turns, and sitting for longer periods of time. We followed directions and used our recipe to help guide us along! A lot of our ingredients are white, which is perfect because we are learning about the color white this month! Check out our muffin-making process below.
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  • Holiday Activities in the Toddler Room!

    Happy Holidays, from the toddler room! We have all new holiday-themed centers, and have been doing different holiday-themed activities in our small groups. See some of our holiday learning activities below!


    We did a color matching game, using different colored “ornaments” to decorate a Christmas tree





    Since green is our color of December, we made our own green play-dough, and then used Christmas tree cookie cutters and beads to decorate it.







    Time to play and decorate!  img_4280






    Building the letter “K” using jingle bells!