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  • Annual Lunch with Santa Event at KCC



  • Reading Groups: K Prep

    The K prep students have been working hard on TWO books this past week and during our short week this week. Our sight word focus has been on the words am & at. This is a precursor to our introduction to word families which begins when we return from Thanksgiving Break. We interacted with the sight words in a variety of ways and have been enjoying our time buddy reading the books we have mastered.




  • Science Exploration in K Prep: Pumpkin Investigations




  • Spooky Halloween Fun in K Prep!




  • Museum Center Visits: Egg-Cellent Eggs

    We wrapped up our unit on oviparous animals (animals that lay eggs) with a visit from the Cincinnati Museum Center.



  • Apple & Pumpkin Sorting in K Prep

  • Cool Critters Visit…What Animals Lay Eggs?

    Cool Critters visited our classroom today. We have been talking about what animals lay eggs….not just chickens! We got to interact with four animals that lay eggs: gecko, snake, millipede, & box turtle. One little critter did NOT lay eggs, the chinchilla! He was so soft and adorable. I think many of them would have snuck that little one into their backpack and taken it home, if we would have let them 🙂





  • Reading Groups in K Prep

    We continued with our second book, Making Bubbles  by Bruce Larkin in reading groups this week. The children have been working hard to track each word in the repetitive text that introduces a new sight word each week. The sight word we worked on this week is the word, the. Sight words are words that are used most frequently in text. The reason that they are called “sight” words is because the goal is for your child to begin to recognize these words instantly, at first sight. These are very important to master because they account for up to 75% of the words used in beginning children’s books. These words, typically, are not words that can be “sounded out,” therefore need to be learned by sight.

    Many of the students were asking to take the books home to be able to share them with you. If you would like your child to read the text for you. You can find a digital book here. Just click on “Making Bubbles” under Kindergarten Books to access the book.




  • Introducing our Magic Reading finger!

    Our early reading adventure began in K Prep this week. The focus this week was how to use their “Magic Reading Finger.” Why do we have children use their finger to track the words while they read? The reason for this practice is because our eyes naturally follow movement, placing a finger, on a page and strategically moving it down the text, a reader will naturally keep their place and be more focused. This helps readers concentrate and understand what they read making reading a more satisfying experience.  They did a wonderful job!

  • Magic Happens when Kids work together!

    Our K Prep class worked together to create a collaborative art piece yesterday. We have been working so hard on mastering skills over the past few weeks, it was time to let our creativity soar without any thought of right and wrong answers. In open-ended art projects, there is no frustration, no anxiety, and no uncertainty. Creating an “anything goes” atmosphere during our project was a welcome relief for our amazing learners.

    Collaborate art is also a great way to build community within the classroom, develop communication skills and learn from each other!