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  • February Activities



     Alphabet Twister!



  • Secret Pizza Party

    We read the story Secret Pizza Party by Adam Rubin, and had our very own secret pizza party in the toddler room! We used slices of bread, cut into a heart shape, for each of our friends to make their own personal pizzas!

    After we finished making our pizzas, we popped them in the oven, and made our “‘P’ is for ‘pizza'” letter page!

    Our pizzas were smelling great, so it was time to give them a try!

    It was such a fun pizza party in the toddler classroom 🙂

  • Buddy Time

    We took advantage of our smaller groups today and paired each of our KPrep students up with a Preschool Prep student.  The buddies worked together to build big shapes with smaller shapes over in the Kprep room!  The preschool preppers were so excited to come visit the big room and have a big buddy to get to know.  Then we marched over to the preschool prep room with our buddies and the little guys got to share their favorite centers with the older kids.  We had fun with our buddies today!!

  • I Love You to Pieces!

    We practiced our cutting skills today in preschool and made a fun creation out of it!

  • Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

    We had such a great time learning about polar bears in the toddler classroom! We talked about the habitat that they live in, what kind of food they like to eat, and what a polar bear does in the arctic!

    In one of our small groups, we had an obstacle course, where our friends pretended to be polar bears, living in the arctic! It’s always great when we can incorporate some indoor gross motor skills–especially since it has been too cold to go outside!

    In another small group, we built snowflakes using pipe cleaners and beads. This is excellent fine motor practice, putting the bead onto the pipe cleaner. Open-ended art projects are always a fun way to see each child create their own unique pieces, too!

    In our third small group, we made a rectangle polar bear! This is one of our guided art projects, in which they follow directions on where to put each separate piece.